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Cost Efficient
Production Technology

Elna Press’ diverse range of presses ensures that we have the flexibility to schedule print runs in the most economical configuration to guarantee the lowest cost possible for the quality of finish desired. The presses range from those perfectly suited to the quick set-up of short-run jobs, through to the largest presses which are ideal for very long runs or large format labels. With most support functions performed in-house, cost and response times are kept to a minimum.

The latest press installed has fully automatic register control, as well as many additional features such as cold-foil stamping, rotary screen printing, over-laminating, and the ability to print on the adhesive-side of the label (as well as the label face and liner). It is fully equipped with UV-drying and chill rollers: UV ink systems are the most environmentally-friendly method of label printing, and the use of chill rollers ensures that there is minimal temperature gain in the web throughout the press, meaning very sensitive synthetic labelstocks can be accommodated without any problems.