where it all began

Our Story

Elna Press is one of Australia’s top label manufacturers and the leading provider of variable data solutions. Our clients are impressed when they walk onsite and realise the sophistication of our printing operation. Since 1958, our simple commitment has been to provide a high quality and well-manufactured label, at an affordable price.

Celebrating 60 Years

It all started with a young man and a letterpress. Neville Coon was a craftsman printer who moonlighted printing stationery in the evenings after finishing his day job as a compositor. With that spirit of entrepreneurship, the Elna Press Label Printers journey began.

Building Capability

The company was founded in 1958 by Elsie and Neville A Coon. Since our inception, we have invested in great equipment and today we continue to invest in the latest technologies. Here is an image of Elsie and Neville receiving their first Gallus press at Melbourne airport. 

The journey to make great labels has been a long one, and we're just getting started.
Here are a few of our proudest moments so far:

Shelf Price Tickets

We reimagined retail shelf pricing, developing a material that can withstand the harshest of store environments.

Multi-Face Label

We have worked with tier 1 brands and mastered the art of fitting content heavy product information onto one labelling solution.

Variable Data

We designed a variable data management system which powers the medical and postal industries.