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Because life’s too short to worry about customised labels, we do the worrying for you. That’s why our labels help power the consumer goods, medical and postal industries.

Customised pressure-sensitive labels, or self-adhesive labels, are a particularly versatile and cost-effective decoration technology. Papers, films and unique substrates are combined with various adhesives and specifically adapted to meet customers specific applications. Our printing presses allow us to create a range of printed and blank products for thermal and thermal transfer printers and a range of applicators.

We manufacture high quality labels for laser and inkjet printers on A4 sheets. These are available in any shape, size or quantity. Create your own labels for products, address labels for shipping, or customise labels for any type of project. Look no further as we have the right label for you. You can simply order a box of laser or inkjet label sheets today and you can be printing in minutes.

No one has time for waiting around for everyday labels to be manufactured. That’s why we have identified the a range of frequently used labels. We have a range of blank products for thermal and thermal transfer printers and a range of applicators. If we don’t have it in stock, good chance is it is not common. No problems, we will make it for you.

What produce a range of pre printed and blank tags for use in thermal and thermal transfer printers.

Elna Press offers a comprehensive range of thermal transfer ribbons. These are designed to ensure maximum print performance along with ensuring print head longevity.

Not all label printers are created equal. Some are great at labelling blood bags and others are ideal for lolly bags. We can help you determine the right printer to meet the demands of your particular industry.